Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Open Letter To The Linux User: UPDATED

Dear Reader Who Views This Blog Using Linux,

Wow. At first I thought it was an arbitrary passerby. A fluke. But, no. You, Linux User, you show up on the regular and I'm a little intrigued by your choice in operating system.
Please, introduce yourself to the rest of the group.

Your Friend,

There have been 22 views today from Linux users. And no one has stopped to say "hello". Come on, I know what operating system everyone has. I'll ask all the iPad users to say, "hi" next. Someone's got to start it!


Jolaine said...


After reading your post and talking to Russell I learned that the Android phone that he got me, after I threaten to throw my blackberry in the toilet, actually runs on Linux. I use my phone to surf the internet (facebook) most of the time since it has a screen the size of a Lilliputian's football field. I don't think I'm the only one that is stalking you though (22 views, wow!) so I'm guessing several people are using their droids. I don't know much about Linux, only that Russ uses it for his media center (juice box) and we had the mascot, Tux as our groomscake,
So here's hi from the linux user that didn't realize until today that I was using it and it's more popular than I thought!

Libby Marie said...


TUX was made into a CAKE?!

LILLIPUTAIN is a reference I don't UNDERSTAND?!

The preceding is two things I didn't know until Today. Another thing was just because I wanted to spell "Lilliputain".

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