Monday, January 24, 2011

A List of Wonderful Things

My new foundation really does offer flawless coverage. Advertisement lives up to a road test? Indeed it does.

The Sun sent me a mini, pre-free trial issue of their magazine and it has a short paragraph inside that a reader wrote to the editor. This is what it says,
"What saves me from the tedium of another day is falling hopelessly in love with the people I meet: the curly-haired barista at the coffee shop who hands me my change as if dipping his fingers into holy water; the girl with Down syndrome who talks loudly about vacationing with her grandmother; the elderly couple who grow giant bubble-gum-colored puffs of dahlias at the corner of Twelfth and Chambers; the toddler girl across the street who bleats sweetly, "Mama, come see!" I fall in love with the deep timbre of my brother's laugh; the way my mother says my name; the way my father calls me sweetheart; the way my sweetheart calls me baby." --Bobbie Willis; Eugene, Oregon

When my phone rings and it's my sister on the other line. A lot of times it begins with, "I am so frustrated right now!" But usually it ends with a completely absurd story about something absolutely weird that her kids did. Kids are so weird. The beautiful thing is, though, that they have no idea. That is the thing that I like about kids, they don't know that they should be ashamed about 1/3 of the things that they say or do. And also, Sarah is rarely still pissed when she hangs up the phone which means that I'm either a great distraction or that talking about weird shit that your kids do is a lot like talking about dreams. When you talk about it you suddenly realize how surreal and little-picture it is. And also it's usually pretty I-shoulda-known-better. Like the time she bought a fluffy white rug for the bathroom and in less than an hour, one of The Middles pooped on it. I mean--that can happen in real life? Not only does it happen--I'm getting the impression that it's kind of a rule.

I have freshly washed sheets, socks, and delicates. I said "delicates" because I'm such a lady and also to counteract the fact that I also just said "poop".

Love, Libby

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You make me happy. :)

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