Sunday, May 29, 2011

Three Things I Loved About This Week

You guys, I've been so whiney this week. And I mean really stinking whiney. My last day off was a week ago and my next day off is on Tuesday. Doesn't that sound way worse than just saying "seven days in a row". I can find the best ways to say things so that they sound terribly off putting and so anti-me. That's how good I am at whining. I've worked a lot this week. I'm tired and exhausted and get a little bitter every time that someone wishes me a happy Memorial Day. "That's what you think." I tell myself. But I don't need to gripe. I've gone months and months and months without a paycheck before. And now I'm gettin' one. With holiday pay, bitches! And I will, one day, get a day off. Therefore, I'ma institute a Three Things I Loved About This Week policy. For Sundays, you know. Because it's kind of a grateful, sabbathy thing to do. Yeah? So, let's make it floral and frilly and pretty girly.

1. Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde. I'm gonna be looking for this every time that I walk into a liquor store. It's all hippie-looking. What with a woman-sun-face and what not. But it's nice. It's all bright and sunshiney. You know how sometimes, you're drinking a beer and you're like, "this is nice--woah aftertaste." This doesn't make you feel that way. She's so nice.

2. Blue Valentine. I liked this. I wish I had so much space to discuss it. But I really don't. Blah, blah, blah controversy. Blah, blah, blah, NC-17 vs. Rated R. All I know is--Ryan Gosseling is incredible. I'm not saying, "Oh em gee, Ryan Gosseling is so hot and stuff and things." Because that's not what I'm thinking. What I think is that he's really clever and he plays human so well. Michelle Williams, too. Geez. It's incredible. It's so simple and it was such a basic, hugely realistic movie. It didn't have a nice, wrapped up ending. It was a lot like life in that way. It was also a lot like life in one other way: so much cunnilingus.

3. My impulse decision to take on the hottest hair trend of last summer. It's called "The Ombre" and it was totally easy and DIY and I did it before 8:00. I'm so girly this week. In the awesome ways and the off putting ways.


Katie said...

OMG, Libby. Once again, you made my day with one of your posts. Number 2 ftw. Especially with the cunnilingus. I mean, WT? Yeah. There should definitely NOT be a divorce happening in that movie, ifyouknowwhatimean....

Libby Marie said...

In a world where I get to pick the ending--which is obviously the world we're living in, there won't be.

The Foreigners said...

I thought Blue Valentine was incredibly depressing. But, you know, it was all about a couple that was madly in love and fell out of love...which is kind of a scary thought for me. Not that I think it will happen to me, but the very fact that it could. Because that's life.
I hate that. :( Also, I am one of those folks who needs a happy ending. I watch movies to escape real life...I don't like being reminded of how depressing life can be.

And from what I can tell, your hair looks fun! It's hard to see the ombre part of it, but it really makes your eyes stand out. They look GORGEOUS in this pic!

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