Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's So Boring, I Can't Get Enough

Things that are not interesting are the most satisfying.

Today. I went to work, I sold some glasses to some older ladies who needed them. One, in particular, only agrees to do work with me. Not that she has anything against anyone else, she just likes me so much. We bonded over the ultra-thin, hi-index lenses on account of our mutual need for strong prism. Nobody knows the trouble I've seen... (get it?)

I came home and showered (I've become the type of person who showers after work) and I put on my favorite shirt. Do you know how good it feels to pull on your most favorite, soft, old t-shirt over freshly cleansed skin? It's like chocolate milk. I'm too zen, right now, to possibly explain that simile.

And then I made a bowl of Ramen (because I found a delicious, spicy kind that I might even buy when I have more than a quarter to spend on my dinner) and I sat on my couch, all by myself, and I watched arbitrary episodes from Season Two of The Office. Of course I've seen them all half a dozen times, I think that only makes it better. It's great because you can laugh before the funny parts, you don't have to pay much attention and your mind can wander. And you're just sprawled out on the couch, drinking detox tea and eating Ramen and thinking to yourself, "sometimes I can't believe that this is my life" in the best possible way. Seriously, though, I'm going to need to get out of the house soon before I fall too in love with my apartment. Drunk bowling--who's in?

There is nothing even remotely dramatic going on in my life. Everything is completely, deliciously ordinary, mundane, and incredible. Some days you feel like this and you have to drink it in because tomorrow might not be so banal and you'll miss it. You know, life may never be ordinary again.

"Party Boobytrap": Best. Palindrome. Ever.

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