Monday, March 21, 2011

Most of This Story Follows the Fate of a Stew

Good Monday.

Last week was completely bizarre. Due to weird sickness, I barely worked at all. When I was healthy and ready to party, the rest of the world was taking it pretty low key. You know, that's really the only time that I feel alone. It isn't when I'm all by myself but more like when I'm not vibing on the same energy as everyone else around me. Yes. Yes I did just reference "vibes" and "energy" and I did pretty much mean it considering I couldn't think of another way to say it. By Saturday I just said "forget it, I'm going to hole up in my apartment and not leave again until Monday when I have to go to work." That proved to be beneficial.

I did leave, once or twice. On Saturday it was such a gorgeous, rainy, wet day. All day long. I was up for twenty minutes before the rain started applauding on the roof. I opened all of the windows and let the smell in and started thinking of reasons to go outside. I'm not the romantic type who goes for walks in the rain but I don't mind being out in it. I don't run through the parking lots to get to the door.
Side note: My theory is this, there's a certain amount of rain that you simply will receive just by being a person in the elements. Everyone gets the same amount. People who run into the store will get the same amount of dampness, they just happen to get it faster than the girl who walks briskly with her head down.

So, I left my house. Saturday was the kind of day where you put something in the oven and leave it in there to become as delicious as possible and then when you just can't take it anymore, then you eat it. I went to the store and got the ingredients for beef stew.
Side note: as a rule, I freakin' hate beef stew. As a kid, anytime that my mom made it, I couldn't look at it without thinking "dogfoodogfoodogfood". Admittedly, as an adult, it still looks like dog food but maybe dog food is just delicious. Who knows, even? I guess dogs know. But the heart wants what it wants and who am I to question it? I just obey the whims.
While I was at the store, I rented a bunch of (read: way too many) movies (I'll probably write a post about scary movies at some point--we haven't the side note space for it here) and came home, put on my pajamas even though it was only 2:00 pm and settled in.

Then my little sister said, "Want to go to Salina and eat tacos with me and my kids?" And I looked at my pajamas and the remote in my hand and my cup of coffee and I said, "Ohhhh why not?" So I did what I said I wouldn't do. I took a shower and then I did my hair and then I mastered "Rolling In The Deep" so well on my trip there and back that I wouldn't be too afraid to attempt it at karaoke (I still talk about karaoke like I'll ever do it--nope). I did get to hang out with all those kids and it is a little overwhelming and we probably completely obliterated everyone's date-nights but we certainly reminded them about the importance of contraceptives. You know, four kids in a sit-down-restaurant is pretty much a walking, talking PSA for safe sex.

So that's how I didn't make stew for dinner on the most (and potentially only) stew-type-day of my adult life, so far. But even though Sunday was gorgeous and warm and I should have been outside, enjoying it, I watched movies instead. I watched Winter's Bone (totally ideal for the previous day's conditions and I could write a very long essay on this film from a feminist perspective but I won't because that will bore the hell out of you) and Case 39 (this time I watched the scary movie in the daytime and not alone) and the first ten minutes of Eclipse before I was sick. and. tired. of Edward Cullen's completely possessive/ obsessive nature. UGH! Teenagers and their obsessive love lives. I want to line everyone up and punch them in the throat. From Kristen Stewart all the way down to whoever provided craft services. And they will all choke out, "Why?!" And I'll say, "You know why!!"

I made stew for dinner on Sunday even though it was 82 degrees in my apartment. It was weird but it was delicious.


Nickie said...

where'd the ladybug post go???

Katie Hurl said...

Your weekend sounds a lot like my weekend. Minus the Contraceptive PSA.

Libby Marie said...

Dear Nickie,
I am genuinely confused about what you're talking about.
Love, Libby

Dear Katie,
It ruled.
Love, Libby

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