Thursday, December 30, 2010

Posts My Brothers Will Wish They Didn't Read

Following a shocking discovery (thank you, internets) I had the following conversation with my friend, Alyssa, via our respective text-messaging devices. I heart technology more tonight than I have in a while.

Me: Dude, I just found out that there's such a thing as a 24 karat gold vibrator. And I want it. Just to say I have a 24kt gold vibrator. Who wouldn't?!
Alyssa: Haha! I'm with you!
Me:'s just under $350. I actually considered it for about thirty seconds.
Alyssa: It's cheaper than a wedding band.
Alyssa: Can I ask how you came into this information?
Me: Oh, the internet. You know how it is. You click on one link and another and another and before you know it you're browsing luxury sex toys hoping no one inspects your search history.
Me: Can I put this conversation on the internet?

And as if you weren't already reevaluating our Facebook friendship, dear reader, yeah I'm going to throw in a picture. You want it, too.

It's going to be weird to look each other in the eye, tomorrow. I know. You'll be fine.

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Tanjentor said...

At first I thought it was a sparkly tampon. I was like "Whoo, the Tampax Pearl has been one-upped!"

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