Thursday, December 9, 2010

Part III

Page 45 or, "Do you want to talk about feelings?" -Jamie

The emotion you tend to hide the most: Jealousy
The emotion you seem to experience the most: Gratitude
The predominant emotion you have experienced lately: exappreherror*
A moment when you achieved absolute happiness: Well, "achieved" is kind of an inappropriate word to use--isn't it? Achievement denotes working hard for something and I find that any time I work hard for something to go right, my expectations get so high that I can't possibly meet them. And then poof goes the happy. But there have been times in the past few months where I get sort of drawn out of whatever moment I'm in and I think to myself, "You lucky bastard. How did you land it this way?"
You have a great amount of guilt regarding: I can't talk about it.
You would feel envious right now if: Oh, now, I really can't talk about that. I am not feeling very forthcoming tonight.
A piece of music that makes you sentimental: Penny and Me, Hanson
The music reminds you of: Being in college with my sister. Driving The Hug to take her to work at the great mall. The air conditioner leaking on the floor, the speaker falling out of the door. Those were the days.
When you are happy, you need: to take a walk.
When you are sad, you need: a blanket, a cup of coffee.
When you are sentimental, you need: that one friend who has made an art of reminiscing.
When you are angry, you need: A few beers. A few hours.
When you are in love, you need: An unlimited text messaging plan.
When you are lonely, you need: someone to sit on my couch.
You would jump up and down and shout with joy right now if someone told you: I have been trying to answer this question for days and I really can not even fathom what it would take to get me to jump up and down.
The last time you were very angry was when: Someone believed something that wasn't true. And that hurt my feelings. Boy, that sounds much more simple than it felt.
The last time you cried uncontrollably was when: Scott got deployed and I knew my little sister was so sad.
A moment in your life when your emotions froze and you felt absolutely nothing: I think it was that time that I was angry. The anger came first.
Someone who genuinely makes you happy: Amos.
Something that makes you happy: Unexpected compliments.
You get angry with yourself when you: Do a poor job of managing the fundage.
Someone or something that made you laugh this week: I did this dance and then Nickie laughed so hard that I wasn't sure she would survive. So then I laughed. Because it's funny when people laugh so hard they die.

*excitement/ apprehension/ terror

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