Monday, December 13, 2010

People Watching, Watching People

In a blatant copy of SDL's format, I bring to you some recent observations.

Made me happy: Catching a middle-aged man slide his hand down his wife's hiney as their three teenagers walk ahead of them.

Needs improvement: I saw a cashier use the restroom without washing her hands. Again.

Made me happy: Seeing my best friend's daughter play with my nephew as though they hadn't just met--imagining that there actually was a time in our lives when these people didn't even exist.

Needs improvement: Overhearing an angry father threaten to give his daughter away if she didn't straighten up. She quieted and shrunk.

Made me happy: My sister-in-law gave me the new issue of InStyle. Few things make me as happy as fat, fragrant magazines that tell me how I should wear my hair to the New Year's Party.

Needs improvement: Changing your profile pictures to cartoon characters in an effort to "bring awareness" to child abuse without any legitimate action. It is what it is--a nostalgia circle jerk.

Made me happy: Finding out that my best friends miss me just as much as I miss them. And subsequently making plans to cross paths.

Needs improvement: At one point, during this week, I chose to dwell and stew over a complete misunderstanding. This needlessly and arrogantly overcast an entire 24-hour period.
What have you seen lately?

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