Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Part II

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A drink you often order: Negra Modello if I'm feeling casual, Amaretto Sours if we're trying to get there fast.
A delicious desert: That Tirimisu from Chelsea's in Wichita. There is truly nothing like it.
A game you like to play: Some friends and I played Bullshit in a Starbucks and were forceably removed, once. So there's that.
A book you strongly recommend: I always recommend Crime and Punishment but few people will actually read all of those pages so then I suggest The Little Prince. Obviously.
An author who has affected you: Anne Lamott can really explore a character and John Green can pursue plot like no one I've ever read before. John Green wants you to see everyone else as human. Anne Lamott wants you to see yourself as human. Either way there's ample amounts of grace being distributed.
The magazine you read most frequently: I know, it's supposed to be something smart like The New Yorker but really it's Cosmopolitan.
Music you prefer to listen to when you're alone: "Southern Girl" by Amos Lee, almost every single time.
The film you could watch over and over again: Annie Hall. Hands down.
A tv show you watch regularly: It is always Community and 30 Rock. If I'm bored for much longer, then I'll watch The Office.
An artist whose work you highly respect: Allie Brosh. Oh, she counts.
An article of clothing you love to wear: I have this yellow cardigan that probably gets more use than anything else I own but I don't know if it's what I love to wear. Oh, you know what I love? I have this white camisole that I wear underneath almost everything. No one ever sees it but it's so great and keeps me cozy and gives me good boob days. That is of supreme importance.
Your favorite time of day: If I happen to be home, I like 6:00 pm. That's when I start thinking about what I should make for dinner, and in preparation for that I do my dishes; When my kitchen is clean--that is my favorite time of day.
Your favorite place to sit at home: At the top step of the outside staircase. But it's gotten woah too cold to hang out there anymore.
What you most like to do on Sundays: I have a routine. I lay in bed and make believe stuff until I have to pee so bad that I get up. I put on a pot of coffee, read postsecret.com and then take a cup of coffee, a novel and one cigarette out to the aforementioned favorite step and read. If I don't spend too much time out there, I like to come inside and watch CBS Sunday Morning.
Your motto: "Rule Number One: Don't be an asshole."

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