Sunday, June 12, 2011

Three Things I Loved About This Week

Guess what? In true to life form, a lot of things about this week sucked a lot. So much so that it was a little bit impossible for me to think of things that were awesome about this week. In addition to the fact that I truly believed that I was legitimately losing my mind, my house has been an absolute wreck, I hadn't slept a full night in about two weeks and as of Friday night, my cat ran away. I am wracked with guilt about the fact that she was missing for about 24 hours before I even noticed that she wasn't here (she is accustomed to finding wicked excellent hiding spots). The windows fell out of my screen door about a month ago. My landlord said he would have it fixed but it hasn't happened yet and on Friday night, Kiki must have hopped out into the wild blue yonder (yeah, there's an ocean outside or something) and found something magical. Saturday night and into Sunday morning we had some pretty intense storms which only suited to exacerbate the pre-existing guilt condition. I will not bring the cat-loss up with my landlord, though, due to the fact that I'm not actually supposed to have a cat at all. Probably it would be best to not publish that on the interwebs but I'm fairly confident that it would take an act of God to get my landlord to cross digital paths with my blog.
So, yeah, not a lot of awesomeness surrounding this week. Though, that is not to say that none existed. Some nice things are secrets but some of them are not. The following are not secrets:
1. Cat-Loss Sympathy Upon my posting to Facebook about the status of my missing cat, the famous and tallented Katie and I mused that perhaps Kiki had lived such a sheltered life until this point that perhaps what she's experiencing now is a rumspringa of sorts. I hope she leaves the evil world behind and embraces our life that we have here, together. Katie doodles on her take-out boxes, though. And she sent me this photograph following her lunch.
I hope Kiki goes out and has fun like that but I also hope that she doesn't come back with any Kitty STD's. (Terrible joke about blue waffles/ kitties/ strays... I can't say it.)
I've said it before but all of my friends are allergic to Kiki but they all love her so much that they are genuinely sad that she's gone. That makes me feel good. I don't know why but it does. I am confident that she will come back but there's a bit of me that knows that she might not. I hope she loves her new, rebellious life.

2. So Many Delicious Aspects to One Simple Candy
Question: What is the world's most underrated food?
Answer: Marshmallows.
Sub-question: How can we improve this?
Sub-answer: German. Chocolate. Cake. Marshmallows.
If you see these in the grocery store and choose not to purchase them, we're going to need to have a stern talk about priorities. Eat them. Make them into a s'more or something. Eat them!

3. It's Always Spring by I'm From Barcelona I'm giving you the link so that this song will open for you in a new tab. That way you can listen to the song without being subject to that horrible, horrible, ironic mustache. There's not enough irony to cover that. But it's delightful and it kind of cheered me up this morning. "Somewhere it's summer--somewhere it's always spring." I like songs about the summertime. I like the feeling of summertime.
I feel like this summer will be one of the best of my adulthood. I can just feel it in my bones.

Seriously, though. Kiki, if you're reading this, please come home.

Update: Minutes after posting this, Kiki was on my porch. The internets: she has it.


Katie, Duchess of Cornwall said...

Kiki is a super reading Not so Rumspringa-y cat!!! I mean, seriously. Being rebellious is SOOOO '94. It died with Kurt Cobain.

Kristin W said...

I agree 110% with Katie, Duchess of Cornwall on this one. The 90's called, they want their rebellion back!

Libby Marie said...

Like and Like

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