Monday, February 14, 2011

Various Disconnected Things

Hi, Everyone. My computer at home is sick, lethargic, sore throat and fever. I knew I'd regret saying no to that flu shot.

In the mean time, I'm at the library--my favorite public facility! I came here to get a book to read for when I would otherwise be mindlessly browsing the interwebs. But I can't find anything that I'd rather be reading than The Winter of Our Discontent, so I opted for the computer section. Computers in public places are weird. There's this little cubby in which my computer is stationed to give the illusion of privacy but I know someone somewhere has remote access to this desktop and is probably reading this blog way before you are.

Watched The Grammy's last night. I love those. Last year my sister and I were a hundred (give or take) miles away but we watched them at the same time and talked on the phone for the duration. It was the best. This year, saddly, Sisser's tv is broken. And I was in a friend's basement surrounded by, ten (?) other people. It was rude enough that I couldn't keep myself from texting my sister about the show the few times that I did.
"B.O.B. is wearing a fucking monocle!!" It should be no surprise that I do not know how to spell that last word. But the point got across. And, also, I'd like Bruno Mars a lot more if he'd just cut his hair. I know, he's going for a specific look but once he puts a hat on that bee hive, the cool points tend to collect like gold coins in those secret levels in Mario Brothers III.

And yes, just like you, I came home and immediately looked for Esperanza Spalding on YouTube. And, just like you, I was so happy (but still shocked) that she beat out The Bieb.

Also, my friend Angie pointed out that Drake (homina homina homina) looks like a black Ross Gellar and the truth is--girl's not wrong. I'd love to post a side-by-side but you'll just have to Google that for your own selves as I am out of time.

I wanted to tell you that you make my heart all squishy (it's Valentine's Day, after all).


PS Nope, I sure didn't spell check this before I hit "publish".

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