Friday, February 18, 2011

Ten [Things I Want to Do Today] on Tuesday on Friday

I don't feel like answering ten questions today but it is my rare day off (Okay, I know that a day off isn't actually rare but I'm feeling whiney. Deal.) And I have quite the to-do list. So it's still Ten on Tuesday on Friday but it's Ten [Things I Want to Do Today] on Tuesday on Friday.

1. Convert this recipe from metric to... normal? Not metric? There's a word for something that's unmetric. I know there is but I haven't been in 6th grade science for a long time.

2. Type out that blog that I can't get out of my head but I won't post because of all of the offence and unnecessary hurt feelings that will incur.

3. Clean my kitchen and feel good about myself.

4. Drink an entire pot of coffee [already half-way there] and then clean out the system with vinegar and water. The water in this town is so hard, it calciumizes everything.

5. Keep working on The Winter of Our Discontent. How did it take me so long to read Steinbeck for the first time in my whole life? I have most certainly been cheating myself and so have you. John Steinbeck--get out of my brains, you!

6. Look for a coffee table or something else that is super cheap and would make a suitable tv stand. And maybe even paint it yellow.

7. Reserve something good at Red Box. Otherwise I'll have to go watch The Thin Red Line with my brother. Not that that's a horrible option but--oh, the boy stuff.

8. Take down the Christmas Tree. I can feel your judgement from here! Knock it off.

9. Make dinner for my sister. Dinner's at 6:00ish. We're having Jalfrezi and rice and Hilah's tortillas (because I can't make them come out like tortillas, they just come out like flat bread--Hilah, what am I doing wrong?) and you're so invited.

10. Write a blog about my to-do list instead of actually getting started on it.

See, that way there's already one thing crossed off.

What's on your to-do list?

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Lucy said...

If you figure out the metric issue, let me know.

Also, I decided to work on commenting on blogs more. You have been forewarned.

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