Thursday, January 26, 2012

Survey Says?

Upfront: this is not a proper blog post. I'm working on it--I have a whole lot on my blogging plate right this second. Don't worry, I'm still here. But I did want to ask you a question.

Remember the last post that I wrote and I told you about this dresser that I inherited? Well, the other day I had some time to kill in Walmart and so I perused the paint chip section--lightly. I picked up a few vibrant colors but I'm not totally certain about what to do. So... we're going to make this a group effort. I need your help.

I love all of these colors and what I'm picturing (a vision that I'm absolutely not married to, by the way) is a vibrant piece of furniture with black trim? I'm seeing black, glass drawer pulls (like this? eh, but clear. This! Oh, that's pretty. ) and maybe even some black paint in trim places? I'm not going to tell you which color I'm leaning towards because I don't want you to humor me. Also, if you're seeing this project go in a whole other direction, I'm open to suggestions. More pictures of the dresser found here.

From left to right: Marigold Petals, Cherries Jubilee, Fresh Tangerines
You all are usually much smarter than me, so, leave your comments and feedback in the commenting feedback place.

Also, PS, I might have just discovered this and thrown my plan (as shabbed together as it was) out the proverbial window. All my real windows are painted shut. Anthropologie is always pulling this crap with me.


Tanjentor said...

I like the tangerine color. However, I also like the idea of painting the body black and the drawers two different colors, alternating, of course. But then, I'm a bright color kinda girl. ;)

AlyssaD said...

The yellow-y color is BEAUTIFUL.

alyssarey said...

Love the knobs! Suggestion: textured wall paper on the drawers and paint it all one color. said...

I like the idea of painting it one color (or leaving it white) and using a fabulous color to do an eye-catching large scale design like this:

Laurie said...

Libby- I like that dresser a lot!!! ! The design could take almost any color or pull you’d give it!
Would you leave the dresser light and creamy colored with the lighter colored glass swirl knobs in the PS? Pretty. (Or you could paint the existing metal flower knobs to your liking- all the same or each one unique!)
The dresser would also look great with bright paint and with the black knobs- How to decide! All the colors you chose are vibrant! Have fun with the creative process ("Trust yourself, here.") and do what you'll be comfortable living with, at least for while!:)
My mom and I once painted an old dresser bright orange (body) and lime green (drawers) or vice versa. You got me remembering. I hope to find a photo of the dresser and room I'm remembering which had fragrant cork board on one wall making it a giant bulletin board for black light posters and stuff.

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