Saturday, January 28, 2012

Find Your Color

It's becoming clear to me that I'm getting a little obsessed with color. It's also becoming clear to me, by looking around my house and also my pinboards that while I love a lot of color variety--I'm not so much interested in bright brights. They look pretty. They make a wonderful statement but they're not so much me. I'm drawn to muted tones. Many muted tones--all together but I can't live with a dresser painted "marigold fields" and black. Fun project--sure--but I where on earth could I keep it?

Unrelated activity: I was flipping through the Facebook--like I do. My friend Joshua posts the best instagram photos. Sorry, other instagramers, he wins at it.  He recently posted a few photos taken around his house. One of a window shade, another of... I'm guessing under the sink (ed. bathtub--actually)? I loved the colors in the under-the-sink bit but it felt a little weird, you know? Liking something that, in reality is probably pretty gross. But I wondered if I was right in finding it gorgeous or if I'd truly lost my mind. So I signed in to Kuler and uploaded those photos (which I, yes, stole from Facebook) and made some color palettes.

Sink Bathtub  (yes, so pretty)

Birthday Cake
Also, Kuler is so my new favorite toy. And you can, too.

I'm going to combine a few helpful suggestions that you guys left for me, yesterday, and I'm going to more than likely employ Color Scheme #1 (Window). I promise, the next time I talk about this dresser project--it will be reveal the finished product.

But you should go! Take pictures around your house and your life and find out what sorts of colors you surround yourself with!

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Joshua Monaghan said...

It's not my sink. Its the plumbing into my clawfoot bathtub.

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