Monday, January 9, 2012

On Cabin Fever: Fight, Not Flight.

A week or so in and I'll say I've certainly done a good job at keeping the Facebook resolution of 2012. So far, so good. Days like today, days-off, will be the real challenges. Once I get into a habit of checking Facebook the same way that I check my email and my blogs, then it'll be fine. The less time I spend interacting with the internet, the more time I can spend interacting with some real life. Real life.

Also, since I have decided to make a useful craft every month in 2012, I have made a decision about my January project. But I'll talk about that another day, probably.
It's been a very distracting week and a half and so I haven't paid all that much attention to much else but, you know, I have a year. We'll just file that under "famous last words."
I like my town a lot, you know. On my days off, all I really want to do is ignore my own home and walk around and visit all of the stores and browse and drink all of the coffees that they offer to me. McPherson opened a lot of new businesses this year and I've been feeling a conviction to shop locally as often as I can. I live in a prime spot, within walking distance to most places.

I need to fight that urge today, though, because I'm going to try my hand at penny pinching for the next few weeks. Also, even though the winter hasn't been too cold or oppressive yet, I'm getting a little cabin fevery. I know what you're thinking: Cabin Fever? Get out! But, no. I need to fight it. So, I'm going to make some changes to my personal space. I'd suggest the same for yourself--if you start to feel bored like I do, sometimes.

You have to look at your space with new eyes, sometimes. Sometimes the little nick nacks have been sitting in the same spots for so long that you don't even see them anymore. Sometimes those dvd's have been sitting in the same stacks on top of the television that you don't even recognize that it's a bit of an eyesore. The stack of mail by the door, the pile of coats in the chair. Just moving them--maybe even moving the chair, it'll refresh us. Let's fluff the pillows and shake the dust out. Make some tiny changes for a new perspective.

What am I going to do? I'm going to listen to the Noah and the Whale radio station on Spotify and see if I can't get a little refresh happening in here. Wash all of the dishes, scrub the shower, and then get to work on this living room. I'll certainly pull everything off of the mantel and re-arrange it. That's a reasonable to-do list I believe. 

And, good morning.

If I do say, I've gotten quite good at making morning lattes with my new espresso maker.

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