Friday, August 13, 2010

Whatever I Want

This is a lady's blog and sooner or later this issue would come up. Ugh. Bodies.
I should start by saying that bodies are, I think, one of the most fascinating things about the world. Muscles that stretch and contract to help us accomplish difficult tasks and minute things that we don't even notice. Blood that doesn't stop moving and is waiting to rush to where it's needed the most. Bones that, despite all the weird stuff I do, haven't given up, yet. Then there's nerves, brains, guts, sleep, fingernails. Skin! Gorgeous, beautiful skin. There's the way that once the body starts to wear out and all you have to do is shower or eat or nap and you'll be fine. The way that the smallest, lightest, tiniest touch can effect all of those things. I got a splinter in my heel yesterday and was rendered useless until it was removed. And, oh, the things you'll do to remove it.

But, and there's always a but. Or a butt (or in my case, not a whole lot of a butt). See where we're going? Body image, yikes. You should just leave, now, really.

But, anyway, there was a recent study done by Nutrisystems about this subject. A thousand and one people were surveyed and about half of all women said that they would rather give up sex for a summer than gain ten pounds. That doesn't shock me too much since it's kind of a stereotype (albeit an unrealistic one) that women aren't that interested in sex in the first place. But 25% of men said that they'd give up the sex. Now, that does surprise me (again, based on unrealistic stereotypes). And it bothers me. It's not like these people are going to lose a hypothetical ten pounds--they're just not gaining any. And maybe I'm just thinking optimistically, but if you spend a summer having sex I'll bet you for sure won't gain ten pounds. It's too hot to gain any weight anyway. We're all eating eating ice cream ev
eryday but not much else. Not to mention the sweating--oh the sweating. It's so hot. Sex can only help.

I know that ten pounds to one person can be a lot and to someone else it might not be as noticeable. I've lost thirty pounds in the past six months and I don't look any different that I can remember (I feel incredible--don't get me wrong). But, then again, six months ago was a lot of months ago. So it's taking a really long time--big deal, it's happening. But I digress. The point is that I can understand that ten pounds can be a lot of pounds (and it can take a long time to shed) but is it? I hope this comes out right--I can't think of another way to phrase it: but what's the point? It's like, look but don't touch. You can maintain your pristine weight and have a nice looking body and all for what? So people can look at it. People are different, I understand but with every ten pounds I lose, believe me, I would welcome a little ass grabbing.

I think the other point is that people would rather give something up for a determined amount of time than actually work for what they want. That might be the part that seems most frustrating. Especially since I know how nice it can be to work for it. It sounds really trite to say but anything worth having is worth working hard for. I truly believe that. I hope we're seeing the metaphor by now. Weight is an example. If it just falls right off, it will come back. If you expect to find the woman of your dreams by showing up and her throwing herself at you--I'm here to say that she's not going to stay (and if she does, she will be an insane person). If you fall right into the perfect job without a whole lot of effort--I hope you learn to develop some. I guess I just like the idea of taking an ownership in your life and you can do that. It's why I don't mind that it's taken six months to lose thirty pounds. Mostly because I think that the interior workings are more fascinating than the stuff that everyone else can see--all of that stuff I talked about in the beginning. It blows my mind. I didn't decide to start losong to look better. It's nice--I can't wait to see what happens but that's a side-note. I just wanted my stuff to work better. By the time next summer comes around I won't choose between sex and weight and it bugs me that anyone would. Why choose one thing over another when you could have everything you want?

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