Saturday, March 10, 2012


I didn't only buy a potato because it was shaped like a laser gun. But I can't say that this potato in particular wasn't making an excellent case for himself. I will be sad to mash him. Also, Dillon's has purple potatoes in stock so I think everyone should go buy them and make darling colorful side dishes for all of the bbq that they'll be doing, tonight. God, it's beautiful. I feel happy.

I took myself and a crisp twenty to the grocery store this morning, looking for a little therapy. The Parker Girls, for whatever reason, have always taken to vegetables when faced with disappointment or frustration or even absolute happiness. I couldn't tell you what it is, exactly, but my sister and I are the same in this. Chopping vegetables. That's what I need when I need it.
It's a project. It comes to a productive end. It's crisp and delicious. It's light and airy. It's clean and purifying. It's chopping vegetables. That's all it is.
I don't usually keep salad items on hand. I'm picky about how my lettuce is prepared. I never have enough vegetables to go along with it. It's difficult to get lettuce dry enough that it won't spoil too quickly. But today I had all of the patience for exactly this activity. Chop a few cups of romaine. Rinse in the colander. Pour out onto the kitchen towels. Wring. Repeat. It is glorious.

What are your strange, reasonable compulsions?

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Sarah LaVallee said...

I remember once, during an especially fretful time in my life I went to the grocery store and came home with strawberries, a pineapple, bell peppers of all colors, carrots, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, apples, pears, potatoes, cantaloupe, honey dew, avacado... ANYTHING that could be chopped and when my ex husband walked in the house after work our kitchen counters were COVERED in chopped fruits and vegetables. I had no idea what to do with all of it, but I certainly wanted to chop it! :) Yes. Us Parker girls love chopping.

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