Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring/ Summer Bucket List: Dale

It's never too early to start your summer bucket list. And when you start your list early, you get going on it early and subsequently it gets renamed. Spring/ Summer Bucket List. There's got to be a contracty way to say that. Spummer Bucket List? Sumpket List? Maybe we'll just name it Dale. Who knows--the possibilities are limitless, really. Here's mine so far.

Go camping.
Make an herb garden.
Plant something gorgeous at the bottom of my stairs.
Organize my coffee area.
Have the friends over for tacos, sangria, and homemade horchata.
Finish Ryan's Christmas 2011 present. #worldsworstgf
Bake a loaf of bread (a real loaf of bread--not beer bread).
Read The Fault in Our Stars.
Sew a new pair of pajama pants.

What's on yours?


Laurie said...

Hooray for Dale! You've got a great list there!
I don't have a list yet, but you've inspired my thinking and raised some questions:
Do you bake beer bread? Do you have a good recipe? What kind of real bread will you make? (Can you tell I'm hungry?) Do you like to sew?

Katie Hurl said...

My bucket list is to go to many places and take pictures in my awesome, wanted since I was a kid heart shaped sunglasses
Make an awesome patio area in the back yard (we're talking Pintresty lights and EVERYTHING)
Have patio parties
Bathe in the love of much longed for friends
See IHAL play every show ever
Buy a surplus of Pronto Pups at May Day and keep them in the freezer for Hogggz return
Go to a sporting event of some sort
Draw another illustrated blog
Go swimming in a body of water/jump into a swimming pool randomly and WITH ALL OF MY CLOTHES ON
Other things that I either can't mention or can't remember right now.

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