Friday, April 9, 2010

My Sweet, Glossy Weakness

I don't know if it's obvious to you or not but I have a sincere love and adoration for magazines. Oh my darkest days, a stack of magazines has a sort of healing notion. They're shiny, they're full of shoes that I'll never be able to afford, dresses that I'll never fit into and make up that I'd never wear anyway. But fantasy is fun. Who doesn't want to be Jennifer Aniston wearing underpants and a leather jacket--if only for a minute?
My favorite magazines, in order, of appreciation:
  1. Dwell: Here's what Dwell does for me, it makes me feel a strange combination of hope and jealousy and future-nostalgia and planning all at once. I want to grow up and live in a cool house/ apartment. Also, I am kind of a geek for floor plans and European design. And in this magazine, almost all of the houses that they go to are inhabited by a man and a woman who have two different last names. So they're either partners and friends who never did marry or they did marry and she kept her last name. Either way, I love the idea.
  2. Cosmo: Don't judge me. As a feminist, I really should not love Cosmo the way that I do since it's pretty much all about how to land a boyfriend and then how to keep him sexually satisfied until he either decides to marry you or break up with you. But it's not like you don't have those mindless indulgences that may or may not barely conflict with your personal convitions. This magazine smells delicious.
  3. Interview Magazine: My first draw to Interview, honestly came from the format. It's big, bigger than your average magazine. It's, like, 11x13" or something. It's great. And it's not perfect bound, just folded and stapled and I just love it. Also, I don't know about you, but I love a good eavesdropping. Stop judging me, would you? I'm just trying to be honest with you here. How can our relationship blossom when you keep holding it against me every time I bring forth my reality? Okay, then. Anyway, my favorite articles come in a He Said, She Said sort of format so that I'm more or less just noseying into their conversations. All of the articles in Interview are really just conversations between two people. And not an unknown reporter and someone famous like usual. Like, the most recent issue is an article about Carey Mulligan by Susan Sarandon. That's cool stuff, man. My favorite article was about David Benioff by Jason Bateman. Also, the photography in this magazine is phenomenal.

That's all. What are your favorite magazines?
I freaking love magazines.
And I probably freaking love you.

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JD and Jamie said...

InStlye. I LOVE InStyle.

And, of course, Us Weekly. ;)

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