Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Plan to Look Like This All Day

I'll admit that I was wearing half-pajamas when I left the house today. And I am aware that half-pajamas, under all circumstances, equals Probably Shouldn't Be Seen In Public attire. But it was 8:30 and who could blame me for rolling out of bed and deciding to make use of my free-drink coupon at The Well? One large skinny vanilla latte coming right up. I made some effort. I washed my face, applied deodorant and even combed my hair before pulling it up into a ponytail. Easily Overlooked was the look I was going for and so I grabbed my purse, added a cinnamon roll to my order and commenced with the reading, listening and watching. I go to The Well way too often. Maybe four or five times a week. But here's the deal, a dollar and a dime will buy you unlimited coffee and it gets you out of the house for as long as you like. And not to mention, I like that guy that works behind the counter--he talks to me and it's coming to my attention that I'm not super awesome at maintaining my side of conversation all that often. Regardless, he's always friendly to me. He told me his name a few times, actually, but I never remember it and he never remembers mine so I say we're even and I like not knowing his name. So if you know it--don't tell me.

Really, the reason that I got out and about so early was because I was going to the Opera House thrift store. I'm hoping to spend about $8 on about 10 picture frames. I plan to spray paint all of them white and then hang them on a massive wall in my bedroom. My bedroom is depressing and I never keep it clean. I dress in there. I undress in there. I lay in bed until I have to pee and then I leave that room. I keep the doors shut and there's nothing I like about it--not like my living room. My living room has picture frames and jars of things and curtains and books and flowers and candles and other ultra femme things that I was at one point a little bit embarrassed about but now I'm unashamedly in love with.

You shouldn't hate your bedroom. You should love it. So that's why today I'm cleaning it big time. Shipping clothing items to the thrift stores and finally unpacking that suitcase that's been on the floor for coming on three weeks. I'll dust and open the windows and work on this art piece that I've been mulling over for quite some time. I have all of the stuff to do it except for one very important component--a canvas. And I prefer found materials anyway so "canvas" isn't at all the right word to use. Maybe it's dumpster diving time? I mean, what else do I have to do with my days except rifle through our garage and the neighbor's trash and wait for Lois to call me and tell me that I passed the drug screen and that I can start work tomorrow.

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