Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let me tell you what I know about.

Today I know about meatballs.
Noodles and Company started a gigantic campaign today. We started selling meatballs. And My. Good. God. is everyone thrilled about it. And by "everyone" I really mean people like managers and owners and stuff. I think they have to be. But can you imagine a world where you get pumped about balls of meat? Yeah?

Anyway, there's a company-wide contest to see which store can sell the most meatballs. My boss, therefore, turned it into personal competitions with great rewards. I'm not a great salesperson though and I'm completely sans a desire to compete. But I'm kind of like a puppy in that I have a pretty serious desire to please. So today I tried to sell meatballs. It was between me and Megan. Megan sold a lot of Spaghetti and Meatball dishes, but I got a lot of people to add meatballs to dishes that they ordinarily wouldn't. Here, you can look at our menu. I had people adding them to Penne Rosas (which, sounds pretty delicious to me) but one dude put them in his Japanese Pan Noodles (and while they happen to be my favorite dish on the menu and the meatballs are pretty great, I sure as hell wouldn't stick one in there).

Secondly, my manager initially introduced the idea of Meatballs to the amigos by calling them "bolas de carne". Let me tell you, that did not thrill them. Many made faces that said, "surely she doesn't mean what she just said." But she did: "balls of meat" which is what they are. But apparently only English speakers aren't disgusted by the word. They have a whole different word for it: albóndiga. So, we try to use that word as often as possible since the visual, I guess, kind of makes them all nauseous. It makes sense though. When you dissect "meatloaf" it should do the same to you. It just should.

New subject, I'm in love with music these days. Company of Theives in particular. I'm constantly talking myself out of buying the cd. The reason being that sometimes I'm real, real excited about a band and then my intrest drops off and I don't want to have wasted the $12. And The Hush Sound. I'm still so into them. And I fall in love when they play the new Death Cab songs on the radio. Cath in particular.

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Jamie said...

It's funny, because I'm un-inlove with music these days. I feel like its all just more of the same...

Meatballs/Meatloaf have NEVER seemed like good names to me. It's like they were the two things standing in the way of the namer clocking out. "Mmmm, we'll call these meatballs, and that's a meatloaf. I'm goin' home."

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