Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In honor of my husband coming to town today and me having to work (oh, what if Jason got a hankering for Bangkok Curry? I see him as a Bangkok fan. For a few reasons, but I digress), I'ma take a second to introduce you. World, Jason. Jason, World.

I always said that I would pay any amount of money to go see Jason Mraz live. It's true, I still would but Jamie lives all the way in South Freaking Dakota and it would just feel wrong, so wrong to go see him without her. He's our ultimate bonding moment.

The thing is that, there are a lot of bands and artists that I like, that I just really don't feel the need to see live. I've gone through my concert stage. Now I'm the old lady at the back of the room standing there respectfully appreciating the music. Before I liked to be in the front row and be a huge contributor to the sweat and stink and screams. Now, I'm good with not sweating or bleeding.

But Jason is a whole other story. And I love him for reasons that have very little to do with his insatiable hottness. For example, he has little physical hottness to speak of. This is how I've always fallen for boys--I've never crushed on fellas who work out or do their hair or even shower, honestly. I've only ever loved boys who are funny or casual in all sorts of environments or danced silly. Jason sings silly. He scatts and loves parts of people that no one ever thinks about. He makes eating a sandwich so sexy.

I do have that tour dvd. Maybe I'll just watch it tonight in lieu of going to the show. It'll have to work for now until Jamie and I get to go see him together. It's on my bucket list which is shaping up to be awesome.

List Of Stuff To Do Before I Die
Go to Sundance Film Festival with Joshua Franklin
Go to Fashion Week with Alyssa
Go see Jason with Jamie, make him sign the marriage certificate
Live by myself for at least two years
...and more

I love you all as much as I love Jason, but in a much more realistic and probably less sexual way.


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Jamie said...

I can't wait to see Jason live. Perhaps, when we're older and in a state of "having money" and Jasons in a state of "has-been", we can hire him for a private party. And sing about butterflys and our how our childhoods screwed us up.

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