Sunday, July 29, 2012

Beautiful Morning Light

My kitchen window faces the east and mornings in there are gorgeous.
Yesterday took me to the farmer's market where I found a few ordinary things (that snakey looking cucumber and 3 tomatoes).  But I was really hoping for some fun and colorful things. So I went to the Jubilee Market (to which I will dedicate an entire post, later) and came home with purple and yellow carrots, a huge radish, yellow bell peppers, hot peppers, banana peppers, tomatillos, rainbow chard, purple kale and my new favorite. Do you see those yellow looking dudes that the snakey cucumber is wrapped around? They're white cucumbers. And they are crisp and sweet and downright delicious.
I gave these guys a bath in the morning sun. Some of them will become salads, some will become stir fry and some will become pico de gallo.

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