Monday, February 20, 2012

How To Keep Yourself From Cutting Your Hair

If you're anything like me and every single girl that I know, you're trying to grow your hair out. Aren't you? If you're not trying to grow your hair long, then you're clearly not a very active Pinterest participator.
I'm not a very patient person and I really am starting to wonder if my hair will ever grow any longer than it is right now, but the only way to know is to keep waiting. And the only way to keep waiting is to change it in ways that do not involve scissors. So the other day I had a whim. I'd ombre my hair again. Sure, I can do it myself, why not? I've seen a Youtube tutorial. I got this. So I went to Wallgreens, picked up a box of bleach and got to work.

I finished my project in two phases but could have gone for three if I'd had the time/ wanted to risk it. If anyone decides to do this, invite me over and I'll use a little of your leftover bleach to lighten my very ends some more.

Basically we're going dark on top to light on the bottom in a very messy and imperfect way--which is great because that's truly the only way that I get anything accomplished.

1. In preparation, I parted my hair in the way that I ordinarily do and then I separated it into three sections just to keep myself fairly organized. A more professional lady would have used those long clip things but I am no fancy lady with proper tools. So I come out of this phase with pig-tails. One on each side and then I left the back undone.
2. I mixed up the bleach according to the directions and started applying it in the back, first, and then moved towards the front. Don't forget that you're only doing the ends. For my hair, I didn't go any higher than the tops of my ears. It's important to remember that this is a decidedly imperfect project and if you keep your lines too straight and even, you might come out looking... not weird but it's certainly not the look you're going for. So don't be afraid to just get in there and give your hair a good smooshing. Really coat it in the stuff. 3. Once your hair is saturated, pull it back in a bun and forget about it until you smell something burning get bored and check to see if it's lightened at all. My box gave me explicit directions to not go over 60 minutes. I guess I probably left it on for 40 before I rinsed it out. I let my hair air dry because I had all day and also because I didn't want to do anymore damage than was absolutely necessary.
4. Once your hair is dry, phase two (and phase three if you so choose) is an absolute replica of phase one only instead of using the tops of my ears as a guide, I used the bottoms of my ears as a guide. And also I pulled a little through my bangs and other spots where I thought the line of difference was a little too straight. 5. Instead of pulling my hair back into a bun and getting bleach all over everything, I just made sure it was really, really soaked and then just made little twisty dreads to hold it in place and then watched two episodes of New Girl so, yeah, about 40 minutes again. And voila!
You can do it! It takes about three hours, $13, and that deep conditioning masque that you bought and never ever use (or you could make this one that I've been meaning to try but have just never quite gotten around to). Break it out and be kind to your hair for a while--it's been through a lot.


Staci said...

Love it. And it looks great.

Katie Hurl said...

I love this so much!! It looks so good! I don't know if I could ever do it, since I have to dye my roots all of the times.

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