Monday, December 12, 2011

Directionless Blog Post is Lacking Direction

Once I said to Ryan, "I'm going to draw you a picture." I got a line way off, so I stopped drawing and laid it down. He photographed it and sent it to his brother who then responded with, "Libby is bad at drawing." That story notwithstanding (I'm still not entirely sure if I ever use "notwithstanding" appropriately but I'm going to just breeze through like it's right and make you wonder if maybe you're the one who doesn't use it properly), I drew some pictures for this blog. I'm not as cool as Katie so I don't have fancy space pens that draw into your computer or, you know, talent. Seriously, just look at Katie's drawie blogs. I just have a pencil and a camera phone. Just like in the olden days.

On Friday, I sat down to dinner with Joshua, Lynnette and Ryan when someone asked, "So, how was everyone's day?" And I said that mine was awesome. And they all looked at me like they were waiting for me to tell them all of the horrible things that happened. I don't know if I just sounded sarcastic or if it's so unusual to hear someone not gripe about their day but Friday really was great. So great, in fact, that I carried around note cards and kept a running list of "Things That Have Made Today Awesome". I really did. I anticipated it early. I will share it with you.

Things That Have Made Today Friday Awesome: A Running List by Libby Parker

  1. Successfully executing a hairstyle that I found on Pinterest
  2. Riding to work with Katie. Participating in the blessed adventure that is being allowed to listen to her speak. That wit! That vernacular! The combination is exceptional, indeed.
  3. Seeing Kasey (link to his website since I'm feelin' linky, today) at the self-check out purchasing anti-freeze. Standing there in his cool guy jacket and glasses. Katie was just standing there, staring at him. Kasey, I should add, is not from very close to here and when he shows up it is usually a highly anticipated event. So seeing him without notice is a treat for all of the senses.
  4. I was doing my paperwork when Justin walked by (yes, I am lucky enough to work in the same building as both Justin and Katie and a lot of other very cool friends). I was already just having a lovely day so I guess I was smiling. I looked up and Justin was staring at me and said, "I don't know what you're looking at on your computer but your eyes are all lit up like you're looking at... Christmas magic." 
    "I just love my job, man!"
  5. Writing my to-do-list for the day in various colors of magic marker. (And, subsequently, crossing off everything on that list before 2:30)
  6. My nieces and nephew as the bell ringers for the Salvation Army between 10:00-11:00 am. I dumped all of my pennies into their bucket and snapped a few photos. So many people came into my area and said, "have you seen those adorable bell ringers?" And I'd say, "they're mine!!"
  7. The way that really old people look at babies in the store. I don't know what the difference is. Lots of people stop and look at babies. A lot of them say, "Oh! She's so cute! How old is she? What's your name??" But really, really old people will look at babies and not say much at all. Just looking and basking, I would imagine, in the newness of it all. I like getting to see it. 
  8. I repaired a woman's glasses and when she left I told her to have a good weekend. Her response, "Honey, when you're retired, every day's a weekend."
  9. Due to impending overtime, I have to go home an hour early, today. 
  10. I added more things to my Christmas tree last night and it made me happy this morning.
  11. Walking into the break-room and sitting down as Justin is telling a story that is very clearly close to his heart. I'm hearing him tell this story and his eyes are tearing up and I start to recognize it. I interrupt, "I'm sorry, but are you retelling the plot line of Up?" Everyone nodded, solemnly. Then he told us about District 9.
  12. Going home early with Katie (who also got off early) and talking about boys.
  13. Eating at Wood Fashion Cafe with Josh, Lynnette, and Ryan before going to watch Melancholia at the Salina Art Center Cinema. I will tell you that my quesadilla at dinner was just delicious and full of so many vegetables (yams??) and goat cheese and that my tea was piping hot and that the prices were perfectly manageable. I will not tell you much about Melancholia, though. Because everyone hates that person who says, "it was amazing" for lack of anything better to say. It was a visceral experience that I'm sure you won't be able to feel if you see it in your own living room. I'm glad that I got to watch it in the theater with the volume at a level that makes the floor rumble. (Yesterday, I said, "It's like Lars von Trier shrunk down and crawled into the mind of Justin Powers and lived there for about four months and then came out and made an end-of-the-world film specifically as a Christmas gift to Justin." I mean the main character's name is Justine.)
  14. Riding home in Ryan's car as he pretends to fall asleep while driving. I'm singing The Smiths songs to him and thinking about how my dad once told me to never get into a car with someone unless you trust them with your life. And I'm singing, "and if a ten-ton truck kills the both of us--to die by your side, such a heavenly way to die." Ryan does not find this song as comforting as I do.
  15. Goodnight smooches and falling asleep in my warm, soft bed and waking up and finding that the world is still here.
Friday was nice.

Today, though, is my day off and since I haven't had one in a really long time, I have a lot to do today. So I will make a to-do-list and update it throughout. Live blogging, you guys.
  • Finish part 1/3 of a top-secret Christmas gift.
  • Clean the litter pan.
  • Walk to The Cook's Nook/ Save and Share and look for bottles for another top-secret Christmas gift.
  • Wrap Genesis and Amos' gifts so that I have something shiny beneath my tree.
  • Wash the dishes.
  • Find and watch an episode of The Virgin Diaries online so I am in the loop.
  • Take out the garbage.
  • Watch a lot of Rick Perry parodies on Youtube.
  • Post a talking-chin video on my blog:


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I absolutely love your description of Melancholia. I must see it.

Katie Hurl said...

Kasey. He's got the moves like Jagger.

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