Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August and Photos: Birthdays Mostly

I just have a collection of some pretty good photographs that I've taken this month--because August was a very, very good month for me. Or at least, there were some decent photo ops. But I don't really feel like introducing all of them to you. Is that okay? Is it okay if I just write stuff and then add in pictures that may or not make any contextual sense? Because that's what I'm gong to do. Questions may be directed to the comments section and then I will comment on your comments. Commenting. Commenting! Commenting!!!

Let's see...
We threw a surprise party for Ryan and Joshua. That was my favorite day in August (until today, probably). I'd never thrown a surprise party before and I didn't know if I'd be able to pull it off. Libby is nothing if not a horrible secret keeper. We used me as a house to have the party and also I made a banner, we used Katie to get everyone here, we used Lynnette as the perfect distraction/ pinata stuffer/ pastry chef/ supplier of Bailey's for my morning coffee (because there's probably never been a more appropriate time to booze it up in the a.m. times).
My tummy was in excited little knots the whole day long and so I didn't eat anything at all and then after the party started and someone mixed me one (or four) drinks made with this (which is my new favorite thing of all time), I got pretty drunk pretty quickly. But it was no problem. Once a party gets started, there's little that you can do about it.
There were so many people there! No one said they couldn't be there and that made me happy. I just wanted my friends to know how much they were loved. I wanted them to feel it deep, deep down and I think that happened. And so I was happy with the outcome.
Some of my dishes broke but that is something reasonable to accept so I wasn't mad. Even if it was my favorite plate. And my not-so-favorite bowl. I'll go to Save and Share today and see if they have any more plates to replace that one that I lost.

August was hot but it's almost over. September is tomorrow and while that can still be warm, it means that October is just around the corner and you know what that means... It means my birthday is going to happen!
Here's why I love my birthday: because it always falls on the most beautiful week that happens all year long. It's the end of the middle of October (the 21st to be precise). It's not cold. It's certainly not warm. All of the leaves have changed for the most part. The tree at the end of our drive way is a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous yellow color and everything seems like it rained recently. Even if it's been a few days. It always just feels that way. Also there's usually a meteor shower on my birthday. Orionids. See? Told you that these pictures wouldn't fit the context. That's what you get for not planning out, before hand, what you want to talk about.

What else to talk about? I can't talk about the only thing in my brain that's pounding around and makin' me blush, so I'll still talk about birthdays. Birthdays. Presents. I got Ryan a poster by AJB/MTK for his birthday present. I love it, personally. Boy it was a pain getting it here, though. They were excruciatingly patient and generous with me so please go to their website or to their etsy store and show them love because when you're doing business with these folks, you're doing business with good, legitimately excellent people. Here's the story. I'd ordered the poster and then, like, three weeks later I still hadn't received it. I was ticked so I wrote a really annoyed email to them (rude Libby can be rude). Then, only a few minutes after hitting "send", I checked and--yeah, sure enough, I hadn't changed my contact information and so I payed for a gift for my friend who lives only a few feet from me in McPherson KS and had it shipped to...
Brookings, South Dakota. Ty, though, (we're on a first name/short name basis, Ty and I) stayed in contact with me while I tried to get it sent to my house instead of my old house (which it had been shipped to 2 weeks prior). Ty said that he'd be more than happy to just send me a new one. Which is so nice! Except that the next day, my original order had been sent back to him with "return to sender" all over it. It showed up in my mailbox just a day too late, but still on-time-enough for me. I told Ty that I'd put his info all over my blog and that I'll revisit them at Christmas time. Which I fully intend to do. I think Ryan likes his poster. He says he does. It matches his living room (enough). It hits the nostalgia notes. It's, you know, The Goonies.

Alright. I think that's stories and pictures enough for one day.

Happy Birthdays.


Katie said...


Also, if we ever have another party at your house, I'm bringing a paper plate. I feel bad about the broken dishes. :(

Libby Marie said...

ONE paper plate, it is!

Actually if we ever have another party at my house, I'm supplying paper plates just so that I don't have to do all those dishes. Whilst hungover. It made me happy that some didn't survive.

alyssa_rey said...

There is usually a meteor shower on your birthday? Why did I never know this? I feel bad not knowing this because 1. we have celebrated several birthdays together and 2. my birthday is in Oct. and for 25 years I have missed the celestial celebration.

Olivia said...

OK, I must be hungry because now I want chicken and cake!

Autumn is my favorite season and October is my favorite month! How lucky you are :)

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