Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brain VS Body

It's 4:00 where I live. That's morning time, not a much more appropriate afternoon time. My body (despite its incessant sickness--which may or may not be allergies, I'm not sure anymore) will not sleep anymore. I woke up at 3:45 and laid there wanting to get out of bed but telling myself that that's not what I wanted to do. So my body and my brain had a fight that went like this:

"Can we get up now?"
"I'm hot."
"Stick a leg out of the covers."
"Now my leg is cold but the rest of me is still hot. This is worse."
"You're right, it is worse. Put it back."
"Putting it back!"
"Go to sleep. People sleep at this time. Unless they're cooler than you and have yet to be asleep and even they are going to be in bed soon."
"I think I have to potty."
"You do not have to potty."
"I'll bet Jamie's online right now and you could chat with her via the interwebs."
"You think Jamie's online at what I estimate is probably 7:00 pm on a Saturday in her part of the world? You think she has nothing cooler to be doing at that time? Surely you don't know Jamie that well."
"Well, Brain, lucky for you I don't know Jamie as well as you do."
"Maybe something fun happened on Facebook since we went to bed 5 hours ago."
"No, I think I do have to potty."
"Yeah. You do. Dagnabit."

That is how--in ordinary Libby fashion, the body beat the brain.

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